Just in case your home gets destroyed by a fire or mudslide, or you suffer a long-term disabling injury, or your business is forced to shut down even for a limited time — these are the reasons why you buy insurance and continue to pay your premiums, month after month, year after year without fail.

In any event, whatever type of insurance coverage dispute concerns you, there are almost certainly other more pressing issues you could be addressing right now.

With the attorneys at Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad, Harris & McSparran, LLP on your side, you don’t have to take on the frustrating job of resolving an insurance coverage dispute on your own. Simply put, our lawyers can handle it for you. We serve clients throughout Northern California, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. We encourage you to call or contact us today for a free consultation.

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What They Do, What We Do

Insurance companies use many different tactics in their attempts to minimize or avoid the benefit obligations they have to their insureds. On one end of the spectrum they may downplay the strength of your claim and try to bully you into accepting a quick and cheap settlement. On the other, they may drag the claims process out endlessly or simply issue a claim denial under the terms of the policy.

Attorneys at our firm know how insurance companies operate. Our partners were among the leaders in helping homeowners with claims involving mudslide damage in the early 1980s and fire damage claims arising out of the Oakland Hills fire of 1991. In the years since, our practice has expanded to include policyholders’ claims of virtually every type.

A key to the success we have had has been our willingness to take cases to trial. In many cases, this fact alone is something that tends to make insurers more inclined to negotiate on a reasonable basis. The end result is that we have been able to achieve numerous six- and seven-figure confidential settlements outside of court — getting our clients the financial resources they need sooner rather than later.

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