Long-Term Disability Insurance Disputes

Privately-purchased long-term disability insurance is expensive, especially for people with moderately high to high incomes. Even so, most people who make the decision to purchase long-term disability insurance do so without hesitation. To them, the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will have the resources needed to survive a disabling injury or illness is well worth the cost.

This being said, the fact that individuals in higher income brackets are typically the only people who can afford private long-term disability insurance means that insurers have a lot to lose if a claim is made, and a lot to gain by issuing a blanket denial of coverage.

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You Do Not Have to Accept Their Excuses

Despite insurance industry demands, not all disabling injuries and conditions reveal themselves neatly on X-rays, MRIs or diagnostic tests. Fortunately, this doesn’t make those disabilities any less real. Another common excuse for refusing to pay long-term disability insurance benefits is the deliberate misinterpretation of policy provisions.

Disabling injuries and conditions that insurance companies commonly reject claims for include:

Because private disability policies are governed by insurance law and contract law, not ERISA, you have the right to sue your insurer for consequential damages and in some case, for punitive damages, attorney fees and emotional distress as well.

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