Published Cases and Verdicts

Sobel v. Sun Life and Health Ins. Co., Inc. Slip Copy, WL 5170296 N.D.Cal., (ERISA, long term disability)
Jones v. St. Paul Travelers, 496 F.Supp.2d 1079 N.D.Cal., ($3.5 million judgment enforcement action vs. employer’s insurer for arm amputation suffered on the job)

TRB Investments, Inc. v. Fireman’s Fund Ins. Co. 40 Cal.4th 19,. (Law Office of Amy Bach, Amy Bach, Mill Valley; Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad & Harris, Lee S. Harris, San Francisco; Fried & Epstein and Lee M. Epstein, for United Policyholders as Amici Curiae on behalf of Plaintiffs and Appellants.)

Sabatino v. Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston 286 F.Supp.2d 1222, N.D.Cal., (ERISA, long term disability)
Conestoga Services Corporation , Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Executive Risk Indemnity, Inc., Defendant-Appellee, 312 F.3d 976, (Insurance coverage and duty to defend and indemnify)

Reed v. Scottsdale Ins. Co, (1998) (Not Reported in F.Supp.), 1998 WL 34072536 N.D.Cal., (Defendant Monticello Insurance Company tortiously breached its duty to defend)
Ty Volkmann V. Supershuttle of San Francisco, Inc. et al, WL 33363545 (jury award: $475,000)

Wadell Engineering v. Hodges & Shutt, Sonoma County Superior Court Docket Number: 172034, 1992 WL 12146100 (Cal.Superior), (bad faith tortuous interference) (verdict $400,000)

Philippine Export & Foreign Loan Guarantee Corp. v. Chuidian, 218 Cal.App.3d 1058, Cal.App. 6 Dist., (Act of state doctrine did not provide immunity for Philippine government-owned entity created to guarantee loans regarding any assets in United States)

Padalino v. County of Monterey, et al,. WL 390194 (Cal.Superior), JVR No. 55969 (Verdict: $6,500,000)
Opp v. Ray, WL 364608, (Cal.Superior) (N0. 43439) (AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS SUMMARY: Verdict: $5,427,308.13)

St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company , Petitioner, v; Mary Jo Borak et al., Real Parties in Interest No. A027061., No. A027062., (landslide/earth movement case)

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